Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer, where have you gone?

Where in the world has the summer gone?
All I know is it has been hot here in KC. Its finally in the 80s again but for the last 3 weeks (record heat) has been right over top of us. Very dry, very dangerous heat over 100 degrees pushing 110 with the heat index. Its been hard to breath because when its so hot in a city, the ozone is really bad.
It was so hot this week 108 with out the heat index, I decided to bid on a hotel downtown with a pool. When Jake got home we packed a bag and took the kids to the hotel. After it cooled off we went and played in the pool. It was so much fun and it actually felt like we got away! Its so cold in the winter and than so hot in the summer, the wall of my house feel like they are caving in!
We are heading to Florida in 3 weeks. We're going to Orlando, for a week. My dad bought share's in Hilton about 10 years ago so, every odd year we have a "Free" week long vacation basically any where Hilton is. We decided on Orlando, because we want to take the kids to Disney. Of course, we are doing the princess breakfast! They have no idea that we are going to Disney, its a surprise and I can't wait to see their faces!
Everyone, is getting big!

Taylor, has started homeschooling again. The goal for this year before she turns 5 is for her to be reading on her own. She recognizes and can read some beginning words, but we want her to be able to read before 5. The age 4 is different from 3, 3 she just threw fits all the time, 4 she talks back and is very emotional! As I write, she is crying because she spilt some water..."oh Lord help me!"

Kamdyn, has grown about two inches since April! She is by far the most destructive child that we have. She breaks at least one thing everyday. Yesterday, she took a spoon from the drawer and hit the TV screen with it (flatscreen). Yes, it left marks! But,
her problem is that she is so stinking cute! She got a new guitar (Dora) loves to sing "Jesus Loves Me" on it and "Our Father"

Harper, well he's getting big. He's 7 months, as of yesterday! We just starting mixing Avocado in his millet. I'm making his food. I'm not positive why I didn't do this before. We've always done organic with the girls but hardly ever made it. He's such a good boy but such a horrible sleeper...I think he's starting to teeth.

Jake, is busy right now and will be up until the Onething conference. He is in charge of Marketing the Onething Conference.
We love Woods Chapel Church, I mean LOVE, where he leads worship!

Me, just trying to be a mom, wife and friend....I'm really enjoying the crazyness of this life right now. I was making dinner the other day, toy's were everywhere, Harp was in his jumpy seat just enjoying his sisters and I just stopped and looked around. Took it all in and thanked the Lord for the crazy, crazy moment! They're only little for a short time.....and I am starting to really enjoy it more! I really feel the Lords pleasure over our family right now!

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susanna said...

it sure sounds crazy!!! love you guys!! our life is crazy too! :) wouldn't trade it for anything! (sometimes just a quiet moment....but they do come!)