Thursday, August 18, 2011


We've hit a few milestones this week.
1st Taylor is now officially reading! Yes, reading. She's not even 4 1/2 yet! We've been working with her on letter sounds etc etc this past year and I knew she was ready. So, we purchased Bob Books, which start out with beginning reading. We have the beginner reading books and with in two days she has read the first 3 all by herself! I am so proud. Teaching your child how to read is such a joy and an accomplishment.
2nd Kamdyn is not reading! Ha...She wants to be just like her sister so she's looking at the Bob Books as well. Were working on her letters, sounds and colors. She's doing well!
3rd Harper, is sitting up all on his own! Not crawling yet but he is scooting around the room, rolling and crawling army style backwards. I can't believe how fast time goes.
10 days until our vacation and I couldn't be more excited, mostly to have fun with the kids and to be with Jacob. His schedule is crazy, crazy and he is very busy right now. So, I can't wait to have him 24/7!

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Jenna said...

And I can't wait to see you! We would love to meet up somewhere. We usually meet most of our friends who visit Disney at Downtown Disney, its a great place for all. Let me know!