Monday, September 5, 2011


We spent last week on our family vacation! We flew to Orlando, Florida.
In 2004, my dad bought into the Hilton Grand Vacation Club. So, we have a vacation any where an HGVC is or an RCI. Which is basically anywhere in the world, we just have to pay to get to it! So, we chose Orlando and will probably choose Orlando next year as well.
My mom came with us and we of course had to take the kids to Disney World. We spent the beginning part of the week, just hanging out by the pool and shopping! We had a huge jetted bath tube in our 3 bedroom, room and the girls just wanted to swim in there! The resort has activities for the kids and on Tuesday we painted jewelry boxes! They loved it! On Thursday, we woke up early and headed to Magic Kingdom. Our girls didn't really understand what we were doing but quickly understood when we got there.
My mom bought us the Cinderella's Table Breakfast. It was so much fun and the highlight of the day, if not the vacation!
We had breakfast in the Castle and got to meet all of the princess'. My girls love Sleeping Beauty! It was all you can eat sit down breakfast and each princess came around to your table. It was worth the money!
We stayed until 9:30pm. We watched the light parade and than headed back to the hotel. Our kids were so tired they didn't even make it home, without falling asleep.
We ate way to much junk food and way to much ice cream! Now we're detoxing! Vacation, was way to short and I am counting down until we go back.
Enjoy the pictures

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