Friday, December 23, 2011


Ready, set, go!
This is a busy weekend for us and probably the entire world!
Today, we had a family day. We took the kids ice skating, made puppy chow, built a fire, watched a veggie tales "St Nick" and drank hot chocolate! It was so much fun.
Tonight, Jacob and I will wrap all the kids presents.
Tomorrow, Jake has 3 services to lead. He's already spraying something "organic" into his throat to keep him from losing his voice!
The girls, will sing at the 4pm service. They practiced on Wednesday night and Kamy just yelled, I mean sang Jesus the whole time!
Then Sunday, we have a morning service and than Christmas!
I can't wait for the kids to open up presents! Its getting really fun and exciting around here with Ta and Kamy. Harp's still a little young!
Well....Merry Christmas!

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