Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

What a day!
We actually had to cancel plans yesterday, because Kamy got a 24 hour bug.
It was very sad because we couldn't go to Christmas eve service and both her and Ta couldn't sing in the Christmas eve service!
This morning Jake had to worship lead the 9am service. So, we didn't put any presents out and didn't tell the kids it was Christmas. They woke up normal and we ate breakfast. Nana, got here and we pretended she was just hanging out!
When Jake was done, he called and headed home. My mom put the kids in the car and took them for a drive. Jake and I set up the million presents, literally. When we finished we called my mom. The kids came home and were shocked!
We yelled "Merry Christmas!"
Everyone was spoiled and it was a blast watching all of their faces.
Harp, enjoyed his first Christmas.
It was fun and I'll post pictures later!

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