Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April is CRAZY!

April, by far is one of the busiest months for our family.
We have Taylor's birthday on April 1st. Kamdyn's birthday on April 12. I remember my dad every year on April 11. Our anniversary is April 22. We found out we were pregnant with Harper 2 years ago in April and we announced that we are now pregnant with our 4th (and final from my womb) baby last Sunday.

1st lets start with Taylor's 5 birthday. We celebrated on Saturday March 31, by going to the mall! She got her ears pierced and than we went and bought her the Rapunzel dress up from the Disney Store. She's wanted to get her ear's pierced for her birthday and I've always want my girls to be able to make that choice, instead of me making it for them at a younger age. She didn't even cry not a single tear and I didn't numb them before either. We were so proud! Now, she looks older... On Sunday, we woke her up early, made french toast, red roses and balloons waiting for her down stairs.
Some of her milestones this year, she can read, almost any word you put in front of her she can sound it out. She loves reading Bob Books, we're on the second set. She gave up her blanket and thumb this year! We were so proud of her. She just decided on her own that she didn't need them anymore.
She is such a joy! She loves to sing and wants to start piano lessons. Which now that she reads, is a perfect time to start! I can't wait to see how much she changes and grows this year!

2nd, today April 11th, I remember my dad. Its been 3 years! I still can't believe its been that long. Its still hard. I can still hear his voice say "Hi Lace." I wonder what he would think of his grandchildren! I know the answer...But, I am so grateful to have such wonderful memories and to have had a good earthly dad! I miss you!

3rd, Tomorrow April 12, is Kamdyn's 3rd birthday. I can't believe she will be 3 tomorrow. Its going by so fast! She's such a sweet, loving, tender hearted, little girl! She wanted oatmeal for her birthday breakfast. So, tonight I'm soaking some oatmeal for her in the am. She really is the sweetest thing! She will have balloons and flowers in the morning. She also wants to go to the park! She has stopped sucking her thumb, as well. She still asks for her blanket at night time but doesn't need it at all during the day. She's completely potty trained, even at night, never any accidents and has been completely potty trained since her 2nd bday! She's taking swimming lessons. At first, she was scared but now she absolutely loves the water, like a little fish. We got Kamy a big girl bike and tinkerbell dress up! She is in love with tinkerbell, maybe because she looks like her. We nicknamed Kamy "Tink!"

On Friday, we will celebrate both the girls birthday with a "garden party" at our house. This year, is the first year they wanted a girls only party! I was a little shocked since Taylor's best friend is a boy! We are going to have a pink, strawberry cake. For our activity we are going to paint terra cotta pots!

Last, but not last in my book...Our 6th year anniversary on April 22. I love my man...more and more! I'm so thankful that we are made for each other. Love ya babe!

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