Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Unforgetable Story

On Sunday, I normally do our grocery shopping, after church. So, we (all) went, to whole foods to eat lunch and than I would shop. Normally, we do not ALL go! We got our food and Jake was checking out. I went to get the kids water and sent them to a seat. While I was getting water, a lady stopped me and said "I'm a kindergarten teacher and your kids are so well behaved!" I told her "Wow, that means a lot to me." Not even two seconds later, I turn around to Harper pulling down the fire alarm. Holy cow. I remember trying to put it back up, to see if it would turn off! Whole Foods, on a Sunday it completely packed. At least 500 people in the store. Over the intercom "everyone needs to evacuate, to the nearest exit." People are everywhere, leaving carts, leaving food at check outs....all because of Harper! We walked out of the doors and could hear the fire trucks coming! We literally, didn't stop, just kept walking to the van. I still could not believe it happened. Just a few months ago, Kamdyn knocked over a huge display at the Broward County College Library, which is packed with people. I'm now going to a different library and will have to do the same with Whole Foods!

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