Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We're alive and well!

I promise, we're alive and well, just busy! The kids are doing well. We are about to finish up our second year homeschooling. Tay, is technically in first but she's been doing 2nd grade, this year and Kamy, is technically not kindergarten but she's been doing kindergarten all year. We are embarking on a new journey this coming 2014-2015, the two girls will go to a private christian school. We are super excited for them and they are super excited as well. We felt like it was time for them to go and I know they'll love it! Its sad but happy all at the same time! Harper's doing well. He just finished up his first season playing soccer. Kamy, also had her first season. Tay, started in February. So, yes 3 in soccer at the same time, was crazy! But anyway Harp did well. He literally ran around in a little pack with the other kids. It was super cute and made him really tired! Landri, she's getting big! She loves purses, necklaces, bows and anything thats girly! She's started to talk more, saying words or repeating words we say. So cute! We had a great weekend, we spend all day yesterday at the zoo. We hadn't been since our oldest daughter was 2! So, it was fun and everyone was exhausted!

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