Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer is gone!

We had a great summer. We started off with a great vacation to Orlando in June. We visited Legoland and just had a nice relaxing time. We spent lots of Fridays and Saturdays down in Charleston at the beach. We made many trips to the Columbia Zoo. We had a visit from nana and just enjoyed our time as a family! We made a huge change this year, through lots of prays, our two oldest girls started school today. They're attending a great private christian school here and we couldn't be more pleased. They were so excited today and almost couldn't contain their excitement. Jake and I, on the other hand, had a very difficult time with it. I spent most of the night crying, yes, I did. I can't imagine college and Jake spent the day at work moping around. They came home so excited and had such a great time. I'm so thankful! Just so thankful! Our two youngest are still at home, of course. So, they're also transitioning. Harp, kept saying today "I think I hear Tay and Kamy." Made me sad. But its good. We had a great time reading books, playing, shopping and just hanging out together. Well, when you read this, pray for us. Its a big decision and one that we didn't just take lightly.

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