Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A couple of things

Well I have a couple of things to blog about.
1. I just got done reading "and the Shofar Blew" by Francine Rivers. Great book, I would recommend it. Its a powerful statement about the church in America today.
2. Taylor is cutting all four of her top teeth at the same time! I just though I saw one coming through and looked again and I can see all four of them. Pray for her! Its a good things we don't remember cutting teeth!
3. Taylor has a book called "my friend Jesus." She doesn't look at it too much but, we have pointed out "Jesus" and she will tell us where he is in the book. Along with the flowers "wowers" and bunnies "unnies." But she has also decided that the old lady in the book (this lady looks like she would be in her 80's) is her "Nana!" This is my mom her grandma. Which looks nothing like my mom or even my Nana, Taylors great grandmother! We never taught her this, she just picked it up on her own. It is so funny, Jacob and I say "Taylor who is this?" and she says "Nana." I got it on the video camera, so Nana can see it for herself!
4. We had a great conference this past weekend. Corey Russell was here and he brough the "word!"

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