Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Great day!

Wednesdays are our day off. So, today we went to Chipotle (for us), Sam Ash Music Store (for Jacob) and a great antique store (for me) in Charlotte, NC. The antique store owners are from Savannah, Georgia and they studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The reason why I am saying this is my family has lived in Savannah for more than 30 years. Including my Grandfather being stationed there and working at Saint Joseph's hospital as doctor. I am not from Savannah and have never lived there, just some of my immediate family. I should have asked the owners of the company if they knew my family but I didn't even think about it until I left. I also think about how small the world is when things happen like that! Anyways, this antique store was amazing. I guess it can be classified as an upscale antique store. We couldn't afford anything inside (example price $500.00 for one dinner plate) but it was just really neat to look! Well in saying all this, it was a really good day. I have posted some pics of Taylor in the car reading her book!


Mark said...
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Lauren G said...

Hey Lacy! She is getting so big! I have been having fun reading your blog, i have one too at i also have another one at See you on Wednesday for the coupon party! I am such a DORK, Lord help me!

PS, I posted under Mark's name by accident last time and then deleted the comment,in case you were wondering.