Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Well its been a couple of days since I have blogged. Everyday there is something new with our family. Taylor, actually threw her first fit today. She wanted to watch "Esther" (veggie tales) on the tv tonight and we told her that she couldn't. We try to keep it down to just the mornings. She got so upset and started walking around the room crying. I actually went and got the video camera so I have it on video. One day I will show her husband!
We finally bought Ta a front facing car seat. She loves it! Next, I will be blogging about the new car we bought her!
As far as Jacob and I we are doing well. Jacob is starting to work on his second CD album. It is in the very very beginning stages. So, pray for us! We actually just set up a music myspace www.myspace/jacobferrellmusic for Rooted and Grounded check it out. His trip to Iceland has been canceled. I secretly am happy because he would be over seas for 8 days. Thats a long time to be apart from each other! We will be heading to the Call DC in August. We are actually really excited to go and see what the Lord has for us there.
We are looking forward to having Corey Russell back at ZHOP next week. He came last year and rocked our world. So, pray and agree with us that the Holy Spirit will come again!

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Matthew said...

You should show her husband the video before they're married, that way you can tell if he REALLY loves her.