Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

This is a pic of Kamdyn sitting on the dishwasher...she climed up on top and I had to take a pic! It is now in a frame on the kitchen counter...right above the dishwasher!
here's Ta and daddy last night at the dance!

I actually like Valentines day, I always have. I love buying gifts for people so I always loved giving cards, flowers and candy to the people I love!
So, this year I surprised Jacob with a brand new Mac book Pro 13in screen with all the perks! He was so shocked.....and speechless!
Ta and daddy went to a Valentines day dance last night. She had so much fun...Kamdyn is a little to young to go this year...maybe next year. Taylor, had such a good time...she was so tired when she got home.
Well...I hope everyone has a good Valentines Day!

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