Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We are doing well.
Jake leaves this weekend for a trip to Auburn University. He will be ministering with Justin Rizzo. Please pray for a fruitful trip and safe travels.
My mom is coming this weekend for a visit! I am so excited...Pray for her as well she has a job interview this weekend at a church in Chillicothe, Missouri...yeps its 90 miles north east of KC. Perfect...I know!
The snow is almost melted here. Its been a brutal winter. I can't remember the last time it didn't snow or the last day that the sun was shinning, Not like Florida or South Carolina at all...!! But from what I've heard this has been one of the worst winters for KC since the 60s !?!
The kids are doing well.
Ta, is growing like a weed, we had to get her a few new pairs of pants because she grew out of 2T. It makes me a little sad.....She starting to say the funnest things too...Somethings I can't post but others I can. I am keeping a journal of the things that she says so she can have it when she gets older! We are currently working on letter sounds, she knows her alphabet and can recognize most letters. She is doing well!

Kam, is so cute and also growing like a weed....(not really) she is so tiny! Ta was the same way...She is currently getting her two eye teeth..Fun! Let me repeat...FUN...espically at night.. She also loves to wave, is almost walking and loves to climb the! She not sleeping through the night but she does take two good naps almost everyday!

Me, I'm doing well. My business is going really well. I have some really important clients that buy each week. My ETSY is starting to pick up. I've had 12 sales in 1 month through ETSY! The KC Organic Market will resume in I will be busy with that....! But the main thing is my heart is alive. I have an awesome moms group...we're on a 12 week endtimes study right now!

So, all in all the family is doing well!

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