Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Belated Valentines Day!

Happy belated V-Day!
On Friday night, Ta and daddy went to the Valentines day dance. This is the second year they have attended. Kamy, is still too young to attend. But, next year she will be going! They had such a good time......
Kamy and I stayed up and watched a movie.
Harper, is getting bigger. He is starting to smile! The picture of him is in the first outfit I bought for him. It has gators all over it and it says chomp chomp!!!
Today, I finally archived my old voicemails on my phone. I didn't want to listen to them because all of them were from my dad. Jake found a way to save them so, I could get the new IPhone 4 from Verizon! So, I heard my dads voice today....its been almost two years. I saved voicemails all the way back from when I was in labor with Taylor (April 1, 2007.)

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