Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Snow

1. Harper and daddy..both with spiked hair!
2. Taylor, enjoying her hot chocolate!
3. Kamdyn, enjoying her first hot chocolate!
4. 24 inch snow drift on the sliding glass door in the playroom!
5. Jake shoveling the driveway..12 inches and no the picture is not blurry that is snow!

So, we've had more snow than we know what to do with. On Monday, we had a blizzard. Really...a blizzard, with 12 inches + of snow. It was blowing so hard and we have major snow drifts. Our deck has at least 2 feet of snow, from snow drifts.
We are doing well besides all the snow.
Harper, is one month old today. I can't believe it. He is sleeping well, about 4 hrs at a time. He loves to be held and he loves to cuddle. I love it! Its awesome having a little man, he is so precious!
His sisters love waking him up....really!
Taylor, started dance/ballet on again. We took Dec off because of Christmas. She is super excited. The ministry that we are apart of has a dance/ballet class for little girls. I love it because I do not have to worry about the atmosphere or the teachers that teach the class. Its awesome and Ta loves it!
Kamdyn, loves Harper. She say's "one more more kiss." That means she wants to give Harper one more kiss, even if he is sleeping! She is currently getting her third eye tooth....ouch!
Jake, starts traveling again this month. He will be in L.A. and out side of Chicago. I just want to say, that he has been such a good help mate this last month. Our transition from 2-3 went really smooth!

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