Friday, February 25, 2011


Wow! I can't believe it is almost can this be?
My computer died so, I haven't been able to update our blog.
We're doing well.
Taylor, is doing well. She watched The Sound of Music for the first time tonight and loved it! She was glued the whole time to the movie. I think the singing kept her interest. She is still taking ballet and she loves it. She is learning the positions. She helped me make homemade applesauce the other day and loved it. She loves to play the game Candy Land. She has such a kind heart and is always wanting to help others!
Kamdyn, is doing well. She is learning to use the big girl potty! She wears big girl underwear during the day. On Wednesday, I took the kids to the grocery store and she didn't have an accident, came home and went on the potty! We did the potty dance and she got a treat! She just started to be a little rebellious when it came to naps and night time. After, a few days we nipped it in the bootie, she is so obedient and wants to listen!
Harper, well he is growing and growing! He feels so big to me. I can't believe he will be 2 months next week. He is really on a routine now. He sleeps really well, morning nap, mid nap and afternoon nap. He goes down to sleep about 8pm and sleeps about 5 hours and another 5 hours! He really is a good baby. The girls love him so much, Ta always wants to hold him and Kam always wants to kiss him.
Jacob, is doing well. Just traveling again. He is the perfect helpmate...and such a good dad! He takes the girls every Thursday on a date to the library.
Me, I'm doing well. just adjusting to life as a mom of 3. Its not difficult just a little more time consuming! Of course, my life is not my own anymore and I love it! I took all 3 to the grocery store. They did so well. Harp, slept in the moby wrap and the two girls helped me shop. Of course I bribed them with treats!
I will post pictures soon!

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