Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy 2nd birthday Kamdyn

Happy 2nd birthday Kamdyn Ruth Ferrell aka Kamy Rue! I can't believe you are 2 years old.
You are such a joy and a delight! You are so sweet but yet so spicy!
You currently can count to 5 and sing your ABC's not perfect but you can.
Today, we started off the day with singing happy birthday when you woke up. Followed the song with flowers, balloons and breakfast. I made chocolate chip coconut muffins. I worked on your cake and daddy hunted squirrels! Nana arrived with presents. She got your a Barbie car for you princess dolls and a princess doll. A soccer ball, so mommy can start teaching her girls some soccer and an elmo book. We ate lunch and than headed over to Deanna Rose Farm Stead. We visited all the animals! We came home and got ready for dinner. You opened your card from Nanie. You will use your birthday money for some kind of toy!
For dinner we had, hamburgers on the grill, squash and potato salad. It was so beautiful outside that we had to grill out and sit on our new outdoor furniture!
We followed dinner with your cake. You wanted a Super Why cake. If you watch PBS in the mornings than you know Super Why! It was chocolate with a peanut butter chocolate chip filling, I made it. You love peanut butter!
After cake you opened presents from mommy and daddy. You got a princess camera, cinderella and her horse, garden tools and a Thomas the Train. Taylor got a art center from nana and a princess camera and garden tools from mommy and daddy.
We played with your new toys for a while and than took a bath and quickly got you into bed. No nap so you were ready for bed!

Kamy, we love you so much. We pray that the Lord would give you eyes to see him and ears to hear him this next year!

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