Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday!

Taylor Renee Ferrell, happy 4th birthday!
Two day's ago Ta started with a tummy ache and all mom's know what that means, stomach bug.
We haven't been sick in about a year, not even head colds.
So yesterday, she ran a 102 fever all day and finally it broke.
Today, she was great and oh so excited for her birthday. We began the day with the table set with a happy birthday table cloth, flowers, pictures, balloons and her first gift from Grandma and Grandpa. She got a pillow pet (which she wanted), a book and Toy Story 3 on DVD. We allowed Kamdyn to open her presents from Grandma and Grandpa as well. She also got a pillow pet and a book.
We ate breakfast and watched Toy Story 3 of course. And than Kamdyn got sick and than Jake started to get sick, stomach sick!
We followed with Nana arriving with presents and more goodies! Ta got a jewelry making kit, bean bag toss game, baking cupcakes thing and a barbie car, not for her barbies but for her dolls! We followed with a quick lunch. We received a card from Nanie in the mail. Ta will go and pick out a gift with her money. She wants more dress up clothes, like she doesn't have enough! And than I made pizza for dinner. She wanted me to make it! It was probably by far the worst pizza I have ever made. Ta ate like two bits and I didn't eat much more than that. Nana, ate a few bites.
Kamdyn and daddy didn't eat....:( After we ate Ta opened her gifts from mommy and daddy, a Toy Story 3 puzzle and the Jessie doll from Toy Story 3. She wanted the Jessie doll...Its a cowgirl from Toy Story 3. We had her cake which was chocolate on chocolate with lollipops and dark chocolate candies all over it. She wanted a CandyLand Cake and I thought that would be perfect. Her other gift from mommy and daddy is coming up, when everyone is feeling better. She wants to ride in the Cinderella Carriage (with a horse) downtown Kansas City at the Plaza, with her princess dress on. We were going to do that today but everyone got sick. When you read this please pray "Lord please keep Lacy healthy and bring health to her family!"
I will post pictures from the days events!
Tonight when I tucked Ta into bed she was sleeping on her new pillow pet, sharing it with Jessie and she had her cupcakes baking in the "oven" her dresser! So cute.... I love that kid!
I can't believe Ta is 4....
Her sunday school teacher stopped us and told us what a dynamic little girl Ta is! Its true, she has such a great personality and she loves to show "love" to others. Taylor, I love you with all my heart!
PS im sitting here watching Jake and Kamdyn sleep together on the breaks my heart to see them not feeling well!

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susanna said...

health to the ferrell family, in Jesus name, amen! love you guys!!