Wednesday, May 30, 2012

30th birthday!

Yesterday, was my 30th birthday! I can't believe it. I did have a few good cries about turning 30. Now, I'm ready for this new season in life. Ready to move from my 20s to my 30s. Excited, that I have an amazing husband, 3 cute children and a final on the way. We celebrated on Monday, with my mom coming into town. We grilled steaks on the grill and I opened gifts. Jacob, insisted on having to go to work on Tuesday, which was my actual 30th birthday. I knew he was up to something when he kept saying, "I'm leaving for work now!" He left and my mom and the girls made me a delicious breakfast in bed. So, about 9am Jacob walked in the door with flowers. He said "you didn't think I would work on your 30th birthday!" I told him if he did he would have been in the dog house! So, he told me his plan for the day. We would take the kids in the morning to the splash park and than my mom would take the girls and we would go to lunch with Harp, followed by shopping for me. He spoke my love language alone by taking me shopping. We enjoyed an amazing, unhealthy, greasy lunch from a place called The Beer Kitchen. They are known in KC for their amazing burgers and fries. It was so good. I told Jake, I would not get a salad and just go with a nice, huge burger! So, after we ate, we went to The Plaza and shopped at my favorite stores, H&M and Gap. When we were done shopping, I thought we were just going home. We literally were racing home, fast. I told Jake to "Slow down" you're driving 50 in a residential area! We zipped into our driveway and I thought he would just start making dinner. I walked in the house and saw "happy birthday" banners and decorations! All of a sudden people jumped out from behind the wall and surprised me! I couldn't believe, he got me with a surprise party. I really had no idea! I had a blast and my day was amazing! It wouldn't have been possible with out the help of my Jake, Taylor, Kamdyn and Mom! Thank you, for a birthday I will never forget! I wanted to take pictures of me at 30 with the kids. They will never remember me in my 20s or at 30!

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Amber said...

Awe! That sounds like the perfect birthday. Happy Belated! God's blessings on you. Love you!