Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Catching up!

April flew by! We announced that we were pregnant with #4, on Easter morning. On Easter, I was 8 weeks pregnant. Now, I'm 12 weeks. We are excited but this will be the last little Ferrell baby! I love babies and children but, I'm ready for our next chapter! We have decided, for the first time to not find out what we are having. We found out with the other 3. So, I'm excited to be surprised! Everyone, is doing well. The kids are doing well. Taylor, has her last ballet class this Saturday. She has a little dance recital. Very fun! We are working on our home school layout for next year. I'm pretty sure that even at age 5 she's ready for 1st grade. We've been working with her this last year and she is reading completely, spelling and writing. Kamdyn, is doing well. She finished swimming lessons with a bang! At first, she didn't even want to go into the water. By the end of the class she was jumping in all by herself. So, proud! She will being home school Pre-K next year. She's also doing well and is a very different learning than Taylor. She is a problem solver. Loves puzzles, building blocks, putting things together. She knows her letters and letter sounds. Now, we are working on matching letter sounds to the world around us. She's doing really well. Harper, he's walking, talking, climbing, running...etc. He is such a boy. Its very, very different from the girls. He can sit and play with his toys for hours. He loves just to spend time on the deck pushing a cart around. Eating, he will eat us out of our house! Love that boy! And thats about it!

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