Monday, May 14, 2012

Big Steps!

We've been praying over and with our oldest daughter Taylor, ever night for 5 years. Along with Kamy (3yrs) and Harp (16mths). The only time that we have missed, is when they stay at there Nana's house. We pray the same prayer. But last night Jake and I were talking about heaven and hell. We've never really talked to much about hell and satan in front of our children before. But she heard us. She was so concerned with what hell was and that people who do not believe in Jesus will go to hell. Jake, talked to her in terms that she could understand. She than proceeded to tell us that she doesn't ever want to go to hell. So, Jake said well would you like to pray a prayer with me about Jesus coming and living inside your heart? She said yes! So, last night Taylor and her daddy prayed on the side of Taylor's bed, for Jesus to forgive her sins and for the holy spirit to live inside her heart. She was so sincere about it. She couldn't sleep after and kept saying I'm so glad I accepted Jesus inside my heart! Today, she continued to ask about hell, evil and the devil. We were at the grocery store and she said "mommy, some people in the grocery store do not know Jesus, so they are going to hell." I said yes, you should pray for them. She stopped and prayed right then! This is not me boasting in my child coming to know Jesus. But this is me saying that as a parent, we have such a influence on our children. We can root them and ground them in the word, early! I'm proud of our daughter, Taylor. She made a big step in her life yesterday. Even if it doesn't mean anything to some people, it ment something to her and us. We will never forget it and neither will Jesus!

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