Friday, May 8, 2009

To my Sunrise Family

I just wanted to dedicate some time to our Sunrise family. My dad worked for Sunrise for the last 18 years and they have become family to us, especially to my dad.... Over the last 18 years, we would gather together every Memorial Day weekend for The Great Sunrise Balloon Race. It soon changed to once a year at the end of April. I could not wait for the balloon race every year. It was so much fun....more to me than my dad...but he looked forward to us just spending the weekend together. I have so many good memories from the balloon race and so many memories that no one will ever know...right Em....! Just kidding...I think I could spend 3 days listing all of the memories and funny stories..! This year the Balloon race is in Alabama where in the past it has been held in Miami, Tallahassee and Lake Whales, Florida. My dad and I will not be attending for the first time in 18 years. I did miss out on a wedding, baby and prom...not all at once but 3 different years! So, the last 15 years for me and the last 18 for my dad. I do feel like something will be missing this year....So, Rick when the balloon flies high into the heavens give a shout out to my dad.......and to the rest of our Sunrise Family....have fun with out us...I won't be thinking of you at 3:30am...I will be sleeping! Please know that I will miss you all this year and will be thinking of you. There is always next year!

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