Thursday, May 28, 2009


First things first....Happy Birthday to me! Yes, my birthday is May 29Th and I am now 27 years old. I'm not boasting about my age believe me...! Its going to be a hard on for me as well....but that's OK!
Second, we are still down in Florida. We are making a ton of progress. We've been packing, getting ready for a garage sale, going through papers, throwing things away and meeting with our attorney and CPA. One cool thing, I listed a dining room set on craigslist and with in 12 hours it was sold! We have begun to list other items as well!
Third, I have posted some new pics of Kamdyn and Taylor.
Taylor is doing so well. She is really progressing in her colors, ABC's, 123 and pronunciation. We also, did get her a big girl bed and she loves it! She doesn't get out of bed..but she does wake up at about 7:30am now and she comes in and wakes us up! No more letting her cry to sleep in a little! Kamdyn, is 6 1/2 weeks and is getting bigger by the day! We pulled out a picture of Ta when she was Kamdyn's age and they could be twins! She is really smiling more and more. Her hair is now getting lighter and her eyes are still a dark blue. I'm praying they will turn green! Our girls are so amazing and we love watching them change and grow!
I have posted some new pictures of Ta and Kam enjoy

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Jenn said...

we miss you guys. so good to see photos! Keep updating!